The growth & success of award winning Redlands Distillery

Posted on April 11th, 2017 by WLF

It’s fair to say the team at Redlands Distillery feel like they are growing and finding new surprises every day. Since establishing the business on 30 March 2012 they’ve moved locations, sought equity funding to expand operations and acquire new distilling equipment and even changed their name!

Yet despite a busy start this young business is well and truly making its mark in the Tasmanian Whiskey industry.

The team at Redlands Distillery have embraced the challenges and changes that come with setting up a business. Emma Alessandrini, one of the original employees who is now General Manager, recalls “visualising the potential in Redlands, and the adventure it would be in getting to where it is today.”

And while challenges are not uncommon when establishing a new small business, Emma acknowledges that it did mean the ‘back office’ was not being maintained as well as it could have been.

“WLF have really assisted Redlands in managing the business side of things. From software recommendations, to board member reports, Dean Johnson and Chase McConnon have been great in listening to our needs and focusing us on what we need to do next to achieve our goals” said Emma.

“They are friendly and approachable and always willing to take our phone calls, which made it easier to ask our questions.”

“One board member told us he just loves the accessibility of the staff, and their ability to even attend our weekend board meetings.”

And while business has always been at the forefront of the relationship, there have been some fun stories along the way. WLF Partner Dean Johnson has gloated to staff about helping to paint and restore the original Redlands building before the business opened its doors.

However Dean Jackson, the Head Distiller at Redlands, remembers it differently and told us “Dean sat down all day drinking the product!”

And what a product it is! Why wouldn’t you sit back at convict built Dysart House enjoying a glass or two of whiskey in the sandstone courtyard, or inside by the fire place.

Resident Scotsman Robbie Gilligan is the promoter of Redlands and keeping him quiet about this product is a hard task. In describing Redlands Whiskey, Robbie’s eyes fill with joy.

“What makes this product so unique is the hands-on craft distilling process which creates the best whiskey that we can, with a touch of elegance. Importantly we source unique barrels to enhance the flavours.”

Redlands Distillery began as the only paddock-to-bottle product in the Southern Hemisphere. Whilst production of this has temporarily ceased during the relocation, the team are looking to reinstate production and know Tasmanian Whiskey lovers are eager to taste this.

The move to Dysart House has allowed Redlands to really grow the cellar door with daily tours, a fresh food kitchen and the very popular Sunday sessions with live music. They also offer a distillery school for up and coming distillers. The cellar door has become such an important part of the business and was recognized in March, winning the Nova award for the best new tourism business in Southern Tasmania.

Dean, Chase and everyone at WLF would like to congratulate the team at Redlands for their success, and we look forward to assisting them in the next stages of their adventure.


Written by Chase McConnon

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The growth & success of award winning Redlands Distillery

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