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Gil Sawford

Business Consultant

Management Consulting

Gil specialises in the strategic match and alignment between an organisation’s business direction and its people. He excels at asking the right questions and stimulating others’ thinking for continual learning. His work provides organisations with capable and responsible employees by encouraging them to apply the skills of leadership to the success of the organisation and to their own careers.

Gil is recognised for his long-standing professional reputation in the fields of organisational development and change management. He advises private, community and public-sector organisations on human resources management and organisational development challenges and opportunities, working with both individuals and organisations undergoing change.

Gil is considered by clients and colleagues to be working at the leading edge of his field. His work on the integration of the individual’s personal plan with that of the organisation is becoming recognised as a vital missing link in contemporary management understanding and practice.

Key areas of expertise
  • Change management and organisational restructuring
  • Developing and facilitating strategy and planning workshops
  • Leadership and management programs that drive cultural change
  • Human resource management
  • Career management
  • Facilitation of both small and large groups to create desired futures Coaching for improved performance
  • Team development that builds organisational cohesion
  • Building Personal Success processes that increase productivity and motivation
Professional Details
  • Master of Business Administration (James Cook University)
  • Member Institute of Management Consultants
Published Articles

To contact Gil phone 03 6223 6155 or email [email protected]

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