Corporate partnerships – an investment in your business

Posted on December 12th, 2017 by Dominic Mulcahy

If you’re running a small to medium business, chances are you regularly receive requests for corporate partnerships – and the decision isn’t always an easy one.  At UNICA Wealth we take a strategic approach to these requests, viewing them in two main categories: corporate partnerships and philanthropy.

Not long after we established UNICA Wealth three years ago, we began a corporate partnership with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO).  Our two organisations share many similar attributes: a quality bespoke product; commitment to excellence for ourselves and our clientele; Tasmanian based with national reach; and a determination to be the best, not the biggest, in our fields.

Financial planning and wealth management may seem founded in tradition, but at UNICA we take an innovative approach to the way we conduct our business and seek out emerging opportunities for our clients to consider.  In the same way, the TSO is steeped in the tradition of hundreds of years of orchestral music but regularly innovates to appeal to broader audiences.  If you haven’t experienced a TSO Live Session then put it on your list –  there’s something pretty unique about sitting outside on the waterfront in a beanbag with a beer or glass of wine while enjoying a TSO concert!

We view our corporate partnership with TSO as an investment in our business with mutual benefits on both sides.  We’ve enjoyed some breathtaking concert performances with valued clients, and been involved in presenting events with dynamic keynote speakers.  Through UNICA’s partnership with the TSO, our professional network has expanded outside of the more typical finance and accounting channels, and new relationships and connections forged.

Shared values were also an important consideration when we set up the partnership.  While the TSO has many regular subscribers to their performances, they also provide ongoing opportunities to members of the community who may not otherwise have access to experiencing their concerts, providing tickets through local charity organisations.  The TSO’s regular children’s concerts are an entertaining way to introduce young Tasmanians to orchestral music in a range of genres.

In the same way, UNICA Wealth is committed to supporting our local community providing financial, educational and in-kind benefits to various not-for-profit Tasmanian organisations.  This support is often low profile and more of a donation rather than something that yields a direct return to our business, but it’s still an important focus for our team as part of our sense of social responsibility.

We continue to see a great ‘fit’ between UNICA Wealth and the TSO, and we believe, that fit is what makes the difference between purely sponsorship and a genuine business partnership.

Dominic Mulcahy

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Corporate partnerships – an investment in your business

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